2015 Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assessment Roll Released
Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assessment notices for the 2015 tax year were mailed on February 6. The notices were mailed from Juneau and should begin arriving within the next few days.

The department has issued 6,763 notices for properties within the Borough. During preparation for the 2015 tax roll, the Assessment department, focused on residential land and building valuations for the northern portion of the Borough and the roadless areas in the north end.

The Borough Assessor’s Office continues to innovate and improve the methods it uses to value Ketchikan residential and commercial properties and the ways it communicates with taxpayers.

Property owners with questions or concerns about their new valuations may contact the Borough Assessor’s Office at 907-228-6640 or visit the Assessor’s Office at 1900 First Avenue, Suite 219 in the White Cliff Building. The 2015 valuations are also searchable using the Borough’s “Real Property Search” application which can be found on the Borough website here.

A 30-day review period is provided for property owners to discuss any concerns about the 2015 valuations with Assessment staff. If sufficient evidence is obtained by the department during the review period, the valuation may be modified by the department. Evidence may include such items as appraisals or listings of the property, sales of comparable properties, engineering reports, or inspections of the property by Assessment staff.

The Department of Assessment is charged with discovering, valuing, and maintaining accurate records of all taxable real property within the Ketchikan Gateway Borough and personal property within the corporate boundaries of the City of Ketchikan in order to provide a fair and equitable basis for property taxation.

The department is required by state law to make an independent estimate of “full and true value” each year as of the annual assessment lien date of January 1. To accomplish this, physical inventories of property characteristics are gathered and maintained for valuation purposes.

The department also administers property tax exemption programs as authorized by Alaska State Statute and Ketchikan Gateway Borough Code.

Data Requests
The Department of Assessment is a reliable source of information regarding valuation, ownership, and property description. Public information regarding assessed values and other assessment data is available to "walk-in" customers at our office and online.