1. Conditional Use Permit

    A conditional use permit gives flexibility to the zoning ordinance in a uniform and controlled manner.

  2. Fireworks Permit Application

    Form must be completed and either sent to, or brought in to the Manager's Office.

  3. Jobs

    Browse through open employment opportunities within Ketchikan Gateway Borough.

  4. Junk Vehicle Voucher

    Find junk vehicle vouchers and information about the Borough junk vehicle program.

  5. Paratransit Card

    Door-to-door transportation for customers unable to use the fixed route bus service.

  6. Senior Tax Exemption

    Learn more about senior sales tax and property tax exemptions.

  7. Service Area Board Seat

    Find a full list of board vacancies and a service area board application.

  8. Sign Permit

    Learn how to apply for various types of sign permits.

  9. Variance

    Browse information about the variance application process.

  10. Zoning Permit

    Learn about zoning permit requirements.

  11. Online Pet Adoption Application