1. Assembly Minutes

    Browse the agendas and minutes of the assembly and planning commission.

  2. Bids and Requests for Proposals

    Sign up to receive notifications of new bids and requests for proposals.

  3. Borough Lands for Sale

    Peruse through available land.

  4. Borough Records

    Browse through records available in the Borough.

  5. Budget

  6. Bus Schedule

    Browse the Borough bus schedule.

  7. Code of Ordinances

    Peruse through the different Code of Ordinances that are active in the community.

  8. Ketchikan Overview

    Read the overview of Ketchikan that is available.

  9. Maps

    Click here to access the Borough's GIS viewer.

  10. Meeting Packets

    View Assembly, Planning Commission, committee and service area packets.

  11. Pool Schedule

    Features the full competition pool and recreational pool schedule.

  12. Priority & Project Booklet

    Review the priority and project booklet released to the public.

  13. Recreation Center Schedule

    Find out about all of the classes and events that offered at the Gateway Recreation Center.

  14. Real Property Assessment Information

    This online real property database enables the user to look up property by Owner, Address, Parcel and Customer Number.

  15. Service & Facility Map

    Explore the community using the informational service and facility map.