Dudley Field

Dudley field is a packed sand type field with adequate size for all softball and soccer competitions. It is used by KYSL, J.O. Softball, Kayhi softball, and Ketchikan High School and numerous citizens for individual recreation.  It has restrooms, lights, and concession facilities.  It is the field most closely associated with Ketchikan High School, and used for high school softball and football practices and P.E. classes.

Dudley field has been the subject of most complaints regarding maintenance.  Among the concerns have been aging fencing becoming unsafe; the surface material being too soft and unsuitable; the old cinderblock restroom structure needing to be refurbished or replaced; the need for fencing to avoid balls going into the creek; the desire for a scoreboard; the desire for covered bleachers; the need to improve drainage around the dugouts to avoid puddles; ADA access issues; tennis court surfacing; tennis court drainage; tennis court access; new signage; and equipment storage.

A proposal for covering one or more of the sets of tennis courts has been on the parks and recreation capital improvement list several times in the past 5 years, but has never made it to completion.  The idea of partial turf coverage for the softball infield has been mentioned, but there are also concerns about; 1) The maintenance of mixed surface fields (part turf and part sand); and 2) partial coverage making multiuse more difficult (a football field or soccer filed which is 30% turf would be more difficult to play on safely).

The breakdown for the $145,000 for identified improvements can be seen by clicking the link below for "Dudley Field Conditions Synopsis Spring 2011." It is unknown whether the listed items can be accomplished within this funding amount. Also, notably this does not include funds for re-surfacing Dudley field.

The links below are to materials relating to improvements to Dudley field.




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