Houghtling Field

Houghtaling field is a packed sand type field with adequate size for younger players of baseball, soccer and softball practices and games.  It has been used by KYSL, Little League, Special Olympics, J.O. Softball, and high school soccer teams and numerous citizens for individual recreation.  It has restroom facilities, fencing, but no lights. It is the field most closely associated with Houghtaling school, and used for Houghtaling recess and P.E. classes, and occasionally for Kayhi soccer team practices.


There are currently no improvements on the drawing board for Houghtaling field.  Over the years, persons have requested lighting, and concerns have been expressed about the channels which erode in the surface material.  


Some have opined that Houghtaling would be a suitable location for a small – in town – turf field for baseball and softball fielding practice, football and soccer practices, and general use.  The theory being that it would be a smaller area and less expensive to install a turf surface, and that it is less in demand for use in a configuration which would be inconsistent with partial turf coverage. However, the lack of lighting would limit such use.


The links below provide information regarding requested improvements to Houghtaling field.

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