Mike Smithers Pool

The Mike Smithers pool is nearing the end of its useful life.  The structure is suffering from some deficient conditions.  Currently it houses a 25 yard pool and a warm water pool with locker room facilities on a lower level.  The original building is 115 feet by 100 feet and the addition which houses the warm water pool is another 3418 square feet for a total of approximately 14, 918 sq. ft.   The land allocated to this structure and the parking to the west of the building is approximately 36,000 square feet in a 200 ft. by 180 ft. configuration.


The community will need to decide how this structure should be re-used, or whether it should be demolished and the land used for another purpose.  The cost to demolish the structure was estimated in 2009, in connection with the materials prepared for application for state funds for the construction of the new pool, at $1,160,894.  This number may be low due to inflation.  The real property is currently subject to restrictions that it be used for educational and recreational purposes.   One way or another the Borough will need to address this structure.  It may take significant funding.  Part of the community discussion and decision making process regarding recreation will need to include possible re-uses of the structure or use of the land if the structure is demolished.


Reportedly KIC has expressed interest in the site.  Also, suggestions have been made for this facility to be adapted for use as an indoor field house for baseball, softball and indoor soccer uses.  No estimates on the cost of such alternatives have been developed.


While it is not directly tied to school related athletic fields, the Borough is soliciting input for deciding the future of this facility.  




MIKE SMITHERS COMMUNITY POOL Summary of Suggestions Received December 2. 2011
Mike Smithers Poool 2008 evaluation report