Herring Cove Tourism Management Program



At the March 18, 2014, Assembly meeting, Ordinance No. 1708 (see ordinance below) was approved.

This ordinance established the Herring Cove Tourism Management Program (Program).

This ordinance added Chapter 4.17 (Economic Development - Herring Cove) to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Code of Ordinances.

This Program creates a Company Certificate, which is a written certificate of public convenience and necessity issued in association with a public vehicle permit, authorizing the holder thereof to conduct a public vehicle business with the Program Area (see ordinance below).


Ordinance No. 1708 and Program Area Map

Application and Training Materials

Application Instructions

Application with Attachments A and B

Attachment A - Vehicle Permit Information

Attachment B - Company Employee Information

Training Materials and Training Certificate Signature Page

Chapter 4.17 KGBC

Application and Training Materials Complete Packet




The following letters were sent to property owners within the program area and to tour operators:

Property owner letter

Letter to property owners with commercial/industrial zoned property

Tour operator letter


E-mail Questions

Link to Herring Cove Study Report