Business Visitation Program

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough's business visitation program is an initiative aimed at supporting and promoting economic growth in the borough's business community. The program focuses on fostering strong relationships between local businesses and the borough government, as well as providing resources and support to help businesses succeed.

The primary goals of the business visitation program are to identify opportunities for growth and to address any issues that may be hindering local businesses. By establishing a strong relationship with local business owners and managers, the Borough can better understand the needs of the community and work to create a supportive business environment.

Borough staff have begun scheduling visits to meet with business owners and managers. During these visits, representatives discuss a variety of topics, including the business's current operations, plans for growth, and any challenges they may be facing.

In addition to providing resources and support to local businesses, the business visitation program also serves as a valuable tool for gathering feedback from the business community. Borough representatives use the program to solicit input from local businesses on proposed policies and programs, ensuring that the borough's economic development efforts are aligned with the needs and priorities of the business community.

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough's business visitation program is a critical component of its economic development strategy. By building strong relationships with local businesses and providing  support, the borough is able to create a more vibrant and prosperous local economy. The program is an example of the borough's commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting economic growth in the community.

Business Visitation Survey

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough recognizes the value existing businesses bring to our local economy. Businesses in the community have made investments in facilities, created jobs and have provided residents and visitors with opportunities that are a pillar of our economy. Recognizing this value, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough has launched a Business Visitation Program.
The Business Visitation Survey is designed to assess the current business climate and gather insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in the community. The survey aims to gather information about the characteristics of businesses in the area, factors that contribute to their success or failure, and the resources that are available to support them. 
The results of this survey will be used to inform local economic development strategies and to identify areas where additional resources or support may be needed.  The survey is an important tool for promoting economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for residents of the Borough.  By participating in this survey, businesses  have an opportunity to voice their opinions and share the future of economic development in the community.  

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  1. Peter Amylon

    Economic Development Coordinator