Service Areas

2023 Service Area Spring Clean-Up Week Pick-Up Locations

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough is encouraging residents to conduct roadside brush removal from the service areas, in order to open viewsheds, clear ditches, and (ultimately) save the residents money.   

The Public Works Department will perform brush pickup at select times and locations during Spring Cleanup week (April 22 – 29).  ALPAR bags will also be available from the Public Works Department for garbage pickup. All brush will be gathered into select pickup locations indicated on the service area map prior to 10:00 a.m. on the indicated days. Borough Public Works will begin pick up at 10:30a.m. on each of the date specified.


Assistance during pickup will be appreciated. It is recommended that service area residents and board members contact the Public Works Department so as to keep in touch as the dates approach.


Dates and Service Area Map Locations for Pick-Up:

• Monday, April 24: Waterfall

• Tuesday, April 25: Mud Bight

• Thursday, April 27: Forest Park

• Friday, April 28: Gold Nugget & Homestead


The Borough has 13 service areas which provide a variety of services to the residents within the service area boundaries. The services areas are:

  • Deep Bay
  • Forest Park
  • Gold Nugget
  • Homestead
  • Long Arm
  • Loring
  • Mud Bight
  • Nichols View
  • North Tongass Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Old Dairy Road
  • South Tongass
  • Vallenar Bay
  • Waterfall Creek

Authority & Duties of Service Area Boards

A Service Area Board of Directors may:

  • Adopt, and may periodically amend, a service area work program prescribing the level of service desired by the service area.
  • Annually approve and submit to the Borough Manager a recommended service area operating budget and capital budget for the next Borough fiscal year.
  • Advise the Manager regarding the execution of the work program and budgets for its service area.
  • Advise the Borough Assembly on actions regarding the service area that require Assembly approval.  

Further information can be found in Title 14 (Service Areas) of the Borough code. 

Service Area Boards

Meeting Minutes and Packets

View service area meeting minutes. View packets for upcoming service area meetings.

Service Area Board Vacancies 

The Borough Clerk’s Office is accepting applications for appointment to the following service area boards:

  • Forest Park: 1 Vacancy
  • Loring: 1 Vacancy    
  • North Tongass Fire & EMS: 1 Vacancy  

Click here for a service area board application (PDF) or contact the Borough Clerk’s Office at (907)228-6605.

Appointment Process

Candidates for board membership must submit a completed application (PDF) to the Clerk’s Office. The Mayor makes the appointment and it is subject to confirmation by the Assembly. Terms of office for Board Members are three years. The terms are staggered and expire on June 30 of each year.

Board Member Qualifications

In order to be appointed to a service area board, an applicant must be a qualified Borough voter who at the time of appointment and must have resided in the respective service area for not less than thirty days. Loring and Mud Bight members must own land in the service area, but do not have to reside in the service area.


Service areas are administered by Boards of Directors. In the absence of a board the service area is administered by Borough Public Works staff.

Service Area Formation

A petition may be filed to establish a service area in any given area of the Borough to perform one or more government services. Contact the Borough Clerk’s Office for more information about the service area formation process.