The Borough Clerk's Office is responsible for administering all Borough elections. The regular Borough election is held on the first Tuesday in October of each year to elect members to the Borough Mayor, Assembly and School Board.  Propositions, as approved by the Assembly or by initiative petition, may also be included on the ballot.

The 2022 Regular Borough election will be held on Tuesday October 4, 2022. 

October 4, 2022 Borough Election Timeline

Candidate Filing

Each year the Ketchikan Gateway Borough has elective seats open for the offices of members of the Borough Mayor and Assembly, and School Board Members. In order for a candidate's name to appear on the ballot, qualified candidates must declare candidacy and submit the required paperwork to the Borough Clerk between August 1 and 25th. Filing forms and instructions will be available July 1.
The following seats will be on the October 4, 2022 ballot for election:
 Mayor (1) 3-year term
Rodney Dial
 Assembly (2) 3-year terms: David Landis
Austin Otos
 School Board (2) 3-year terms
Bridget Mattson
Jordan Tabb

Election Ballots

Sample ballots for the October 4, 2022, Borough election will be available on September 14, 2022. 

    Voter Registration

    In order to be a qualified voter of the Borough you must be registered to vote in State elections at a residence address in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough not less than 30 days prior to the election. Residents may register to vote at the Borough Clerk's Office and may also register or update voter information online using the State of Alaska's new online voter registration system at https://voterregistration.alaska.gov/

    Voter registration is administered by the State Division of Elections.

    Voting Precincts

    For the convenience of the voters, the Borough has seven precincts with a designated polling place in each precinct.  The table below provides detailed information on the polling places.

    1. Polling Places
    2. Candidate Information
    3. Absentee Voting
    Precinct Location
    Ketchikan No. 1
    Gateway Recreation Center
    601 Schoenbar Rd.
    Ketchikan No. 2
    The Plaza
    2417 Tongass Avenue
    Ketchikan No. 3
    AMHS Ferry Terminal
    3501 Tongass Avenue
    North Tongass No. 1
    North Tongass Fire Station 6
    7550 North Tongass Hwy
    North Tongass No. 2
    North Tongass Fire Station 8
    13110 North Tongass Hwy
    Saxman Community Center
    2841 South Tongass Hwy
    South Tongass
    South Tongass Alliance Church
    376 Old Homestead Road