Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the bus schedule, bus fare and bus pass information? A: Using your computer, smart phone or tablet go to the Transit page click the link "Schedule" to upload a PDF version of the bus schedule. Copies of the bus schedule are available on board the bus in a hanging slot behind the bus driver. If you prefer to have the schedule mailed to you please contact our office at email the Transit department or call (907) 225-8726.

Q: Does the Bus schedule change seasonally & how do I know that The Bus schedule has changed?
Yes. Some bus operating hours/service changes from Fall/Winter/Spring [October-April] to Summer [May-September].  A:  You will know when the Bus Schedule Brochure has been updated by locating the PUBLISHED date which is on the front cover of the Bus Schedule Brochure (right, lower corner). Before using the bus or traveling to Ketchikan we recommend checking the Bus Schedule for any changes (new publish date) at the Transit page  For Trip Planning assistance you are welcome to contact our office at email the Transit Department or call (907) 225-8726 Monday thru Friday, between 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Q: Are there specific rules for riding with children, pets, service animals, bicycles?
A: Yes, using your smart phone, tablet or computer go to the Transit page click the link "How to Ride" and select the appropriate topic to find out more. Copies of the "Code of Conduct" brochure are available on board the bus in a hanging slot behind the bus driver.

Q: Is there a recommended time I should be waiting at the bus stop? A: Yes, please be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time to ensure you don't miss the bus.

Q: How often do the buses leave the bus stops?  A: The Green Line and Silver Line leave their designated bus stops once every single hour they are in operation. The FREE Downtown Shuttle leaves it's designated bus stops once every 20 minutes during its hours of operation.

Q: How do I know which bus is the "Green Line" or "Silver Line NORTH" or "Silver Line SOUTH" or "Free Downtown Shuttle?"   A: Each bus has a large electronic marquee sign above the front windshield displaying the bus line name and key locations it travels to. Each bus also has a small electronic sign on the passenger side door and the rear of the bus for easy visibility.

Q: How do I know which direction is "Southbound" and "Northbound" when using the Fixed-Route Bus System? 
A: Ketchikan's main two lane highway is very linear almost traveling in a long straight line which makes it easier to identify which end of the island is the North end and South end. Bus stops that are located on the same side of the street as the ocean are in the "Southbound" direction and bus stops across the street (away from the ocean) are in the "Northbound" direction.

Q: What is a "Flag Stop?"  A:  Outside the city limits is considered the "Flag Stop Area." In that area you can flag down (wave your hands) for a Bus Driver to pick you up. The requirements to pick up passengers in the "Flag Stop Area" is that the bus needs plenty of room to pull over and not block traffic and the ground needs to be fairly flat and wide enough. Additionally, on cloudy days or dark evening hours passengers are encouraged to wear bright colored clothing and a flashlight so that the Bus Driver can see passengers. Please be advised that it is up to each Bus Driver's choice to determine whether the area is safe enough to pick up passengers at a specific spot. If it's not safe, the bus may pull over farther ahead and passengers will need to walk to the bus. If the bus cannot pull over in an alternative location they will have to keep going and stay on route.

 Q: What if I want more information about Ketchikan, places of interest to visit or I need someone to show me how to read the bus schedule to get where I need to go? A: The Ketchikan Visitors Bureau has office locations at Cruise Ship Berths 1 and 3 where visitors can walk in and meet with a staff person to assist them with their questions. Their toll free number is 1-800-770-3300 and their email is Visitor Bureau email

 ADA Accessibility and Bus Capacity
All of our 30 foot and 35 foot buses can kneel down to be level with the curb to make it easy to step into the bus. The buses are also equipped with a wheelchair ramp. Out of respect to our customers the Bus Driver won't assume a customer will need the ramp so please let the Bus Driver know if you or someone in your party would like the ramp deployed and they will be happy to do so. The 30 foot buses can accommodate approximately 45-50 passengers and the 35 foot bus can accommodate approximately 50-55 passengers. If a bus is full (passengers standing near or up to the yellow line) the Bus Driver will inform passengers waiting at bus stops that the bus is full (at capacity) and when the next available bus will arrive.
 Personal Items

During the summer season the buses are heavily used by visitors and locals and it can get crowded at peak times so we ask all our passengers to place your personal items on your lap or stored safely out of the aisle. Make sure you have all your personal belongings (cell phone, wallet, bags, purse, coat, etc…) before disembarking the bus. If you believe you lost an item on the bus please call our office right away (907) 225-8726. We will need: 1) your name, 2) phone number, 3) a detailed description of the lost item, 4) what bus line you were on, 5) what time you got off the bus and 6) where you were sitting on the bus so that the Bus Driver can search for your lost item.