Terminal Area Plan

Help shape the future of our airport!

Project Purpose


To develop a terminal area plan (TAP) for the Ketchikan International Airport that accommodates current needs, anticipated growth, and enhances the passenger experience.


The existing terminal area facilities and design do not meet current and projected needs.


The TAP will offer short, medium and long-term recommendations for addressing current needs and projected growth. 

Final Report Chapters

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What is our Timeline?

Fall 2019

Winter 2019-Summer 2020

Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Summer-Fall 2021
  • Establish vision, goals and objectives
  • Compile background information and forecasting
  • Develop stakeholder engagement schedule
  • Form Study Committee
  • Develop terminal programming and alternatives
  • Prepare environmental review
  • Host work sessions and interviews to collect stakeholder input and select preferred alternative(s)
  • Finalize Terminal Area Plan, including:
  • Financial planning
  • Capital improvement plan
  • Airport layout plan
  • Conduct community outreach
  • Present Terminal Area Plan to Borough Assembly
  • Develop Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Architectural Design

Other Project Documents

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